Avigyle's Story

Hello and welcome!

Everyone has their own unique journey with yoga, and mine began in my final year of university — I was feeling disconnected from myself, craving a creative outlet, and had serious doubts as to what my next “life move” was. I was immediately drawn to the challenge of teaching my body something new, and my motivation grew stronger as I noticed the benefits; flexibility, strength, connection, and stillness. I began to notice the deep sense of peace that I felt after every practice, and how movement influenced my actions and reactions in other areas of life.

Ultimately, I decided to embark on a path of uncertainty and move to Tel Aviv after graduating, where I currently reside. This choice was a deeply intuitive one, and probably the first time in my life that I overcame my fear of the unknown and acted out of pure trust in what my inner voice was telling me. This kind of intuition is an integral part of what yoga means to me.

Yoga reminds us to come back to the true essence of who we are in our most authentic form so we can discover what really lights us up and how we can be of service to others. My yoga practice has been a voyage of self-trust, the most illuminating and healing experience for me yet. I share my practice with the hope of inspiring others to tune inwards and live a life infused with elevated states of gratitude, empowerment, balance, and joy.

On the mat, I teach alignment-based Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga with creative sequences that I mold to each individual’s specific goals, allowing everyone to recognize and develop their unique potential. Witnessing this growth and the positive impact it has on my students is one of the most rewarding feelings I experience.

I am humbled to have studied and received my RYT Certification in Rishikesh, India, where I completed a 500-hour course studying asana techniques, pranayama, yoga philosophy, ayurveda, physical anatomy and alignment, and meditation.

As a student, I have one goal: to continuously work toward aligning with my truest self while creating a space that supports the growth of my body, mind, and spirit. As a teacher, my intention is to lead my students in the same direction. This website is meant to encourage self-love and exploration on and off the mat, while bringing forth a love and respect for the art of yoga and all that it encompasses.

I look forward to connecting with you further and inspiring one another.

Love & Light,



Tel Aviv, Israel