Welcome to the Inner Workings!
Below are my thoughts and observations – all insights that help me connect to my spirit and body, mother nature, and of course, you. Please share your feedback – thank you for allowing me to enter your life, and I look forward to having you in mine.

5 Steps to Creating a Home Practice

Creating an inviting yoga space at home can truly make all the difference by motivating you to stick to a routine. Here are some of my favorite tips for setting up a space that you'll actually want to practice in.

Releasing Mental & Physical Knots – Welcome to Asanas

Every mental knot we experience has a corresponding physical knot & vice versa. Here are my thoughts on how to use your yoga practice as a tool to release mental, spiritual, and physiological energy blockages.

6 Tips for Beginners

To all the yogis out there who feel unsure of how to begin, or are just looking for some tips on how to practice mindfully – here are my top 6 tips for getting into the mindset for a healthy, safe, and rewarding practice.

The Formula of Flexibility

Flexibility is not a prerequisite of practicing yoga! Here are the 3 most effective tips I’ve picked up over the years for improving flexibility in a healthy way that yields real, lasting results.

Ditching Expectations

Here is my take on how expectations of oneself in yoga serve as a distraction from the most beneficial aspects of learning new poses – the discipline of patience, learning how to listen to your breath, and cultivating self-awareness.

Chakras, Part II

This post focuses on the last 4 chakras which are more spiritual in nature, and govern love, self-expression, intuition, and higher consciousness. Read on for how to recognize possible imbalances, and how you can best tap into those chakras, exploring and learning more about yourself on the way.

Chakras, Part I

Aligning the chakras is a powerful way of tuning it to ourselves, and to the world. Here’s a beginner’s guide to the main theories surrounding the first 3 chakras - as well as symptoms of imbalances within them, and steps you can take to align those imbalances.


In yogi tradition, our internal energy & life force (Prana) can be categorized into five different patterns of movement as it travels through our body – these are the Vayus. Each Vayu has unique effects on mind & body, and exploring these different patterns of energetic movement can lead to a deeper practice and greater sense of well-being.


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